Revanche (2008) Review

A quick word about why, why am I writing short, loose random reviews. A few years ago when I became a full-on skeptic, I felt I kind of had to re-evaluate my ethics and standards. I felt I needed solid reasons for my positions and beliefs. Because it’s what every one else believes isn’t a solid enough reason. Every one used to believe the earth was flat. I wanted to believe as many true things and as few false things as I am aware of. This lead to developing systems for evaluating information and determining it’s validity. It’s nowhere near … Continue reading Revanche (2008) Review

Inception (2010) Review

I think Christopher Nolan considers himself some kind of meticulous watch maker. Inception has shot after shot of clocks. In the movie it’s to remind you of the warping of time that makes the story trippy. Subtly, the clocks, along with the idea as the mind and world as just a function of architecture, reinforce the notion of machine. Machine, like The Matrix was a machine; machine like the body as a watch as in his first big film, Memento. And as with all machines, Nolan seems to think the machine can be fucked with which is opposite the notion … Continue reading Inception (2010) Review

Retribution (2006) review

Netflix Streaming has really changed the way I watch movies. Before I used to do a little research on a movie and try to find the weirdest and best little movies to watch. With streaming, I’m now actively searching for films I know nothing about. If the movie is useless or unwatchable, I can move on after 10 minutes or so. The payoff, of course, is when I find a riveting film I knew nothing about. Last week it was the Swedish film, Perfectly Happy, and this week it’s the J-horror film, Retribution. Like most J-horror a raven-haired pale … Continue reading Retribution (2006) review