Kick-ass (2010)

About a year and a half ago, I saw a production still for Kick-ass. It was an action pose of a very young girl wielding a machete as big as she was. Awesome, I thought, America is finally attacking their own version of the ridiculous Japanese action films featuring school girls with crazy powers mowing bloody row after bloody row of bad guys wearing eye patches and black suits. Parents killed, a weaker younger sister to protect, an exiled ex-master as mentor, you know the story. Japan’s has cranked out a truckload of these frenetic samey kinds of movies, all … Continue reading Kick-ass (2010)

The City of the Living Dead (1980)

Okay, so you’re at a seance. And naturally you go into a deep, deep trance. In this trance, you have a horrible vision of the dead rising out of their graves and the gates of Hell opening up and of the evil, hanged priest lurking behind this whole mess of trouble. The vision is so shocking, so horrifying, you go into convulsions, blow snot and drool out of many orifices…and you die. You die. YOU ARE DEAD! A few days later, when you wake up from your actual death, you’re trapped in your coffin about to be buried. So, you … Continue reading The City of the Living Dead (1980)

The Kingdom (1995) and the RPG Heaven and Earth (2004)

Lars Von Trier can be a real heavy-handed sumnabitch. Movies like Dogville-that bloody anti-Our Town-spend half of it’s running time bludgeoning it’s message at the audience in such a relentless manner that literally every character becomes a martyred symbol by the end. That said, it was an extremely interesting failure. Might as well aim for the bleachers. So, I’ll generally give a Lars Von Trier movie a chance if I’m in the right mood. I liked his last film Anti-Christ because the dreamy symbolic and dark imagery worked and I’d watch Willem Defoe in just about anything. Yea, the ending … Continue reading The Kingdom (1995) and the RPG Heaven and Earth (2004)

Barking Dogs Never Bite (2000) and Mother (2009)

These two Korean movies ( and were written and directed by the same person. And while very different, both films remind me of American movies of the 1970’s. More on that in a bit. In a week, I hope to turn this blog into a daily review exercise for my to flex and build some writing muscles. I’ve been in constant consume mode for about two years now. Direct TV, Netflix streaming, a bourgeoning board game addiction, some mild anti-depressants, emusic, a not at all challenging job and basically an acceptance of who I am and what I believe … Continue reading Barking Dogs Never Bite (2000) and Mother (2009)