Day House ’90, In The Year of Our Lord, Grand Master Fun

Day House ’90, In The Year of Our Lord, Grand Master Fun:

1. Change Alignment from Lawful Good to _______. (Roll D20)

2. Glue Green Plastic Grass Beards for Easter Eggs/Children.

3. Which Corporate Sponsored Tattoo is Right for You?

Jesus Today: Today is Jesus Take The Wheel Day. Make sure to renew Jesus’ Driver’s License before letting him drive.

Day ‘Ate Ate Eight, The Year of Fun

Day ‘Ate Ate Eight, The Year of Fun:

1. Gamify Your Instincts.

2. Gasify Your Intestines.

3. Gayify Your Interests.

Pop Culture Today: Facebook and every single blog on the Internet is about to explode in stupid six-second videos.
The new update to Vine out today adds posting to Facebook and the web.

Day ’87 The Year of Fun

The Wings on An Old Van Halen Logo, Day ’87, The Year of Fun:

1. Play “Say the Next Line in This Dumb Arnold Swartzenegger Movie Before They Do.”

2. Live As If This Is The Past’s Version of Today.

3. “Someday, Language Won’t Be A Barrier to Worldwide Communication, The Interface Will Be The Barrier.” From ‘Bryan TALKS To TED: Imaginary Technobabble For Tomorrow’s Worldspace.’

Pop Culture Today: This Weekend is Tabletop Day. Play board games and enjoy, ya nerd. Visit links for info and free games. The free Little Fears makes the free bundle a great deal.

Wesley Crusher demands it.

Day ’86 The Year of Fun

Ear Worms for Your Head Hole. Day ’86 in The Year of Fun:

1. Third World Super Bowl ‘Winner’ T-Shirt Day.

2. Recombine DNA To Be More Amphibian.

3. Dancing For Architecture Class, 8pm.

Not Failing Miserably at Everything is the New One Big Score.

The Future Today: The way divorce will be handled in the future between man and woman, man and man, and woman and woman.


A Stick of Laffy Taffy in a Mountain of Snickers, Day ’85, The Year of Fun:

1. Reform Jazz Drumming Quartet.

2. Ghost Ride Gladys Knight and The Pips.

3. Curb Stomp–Revenge Meets Home Improvement. Spurned Lovers Buy Ex’s House With Show Money. Evict and Torture Ex. Renovate House.

Yesterday Today: Cake Mix Mogul Duncan Hines born today in 1880. Celebrate with a dry spoonful of Pineapple Supreme Cake Mix dipped in Coconut Pecan Frosting.


Dazed and Confused, The Class of Day ’84 in The Year of Fun:

1. Hold Sturgis in Your Backyard.

2. Data Mine The Zeitgeist. *

3. Print Up Business Cards Advertising Your Peccadillos.

* DMtZ—My Imaginary DIY 80’s/90’s Photocopied Indie Zine. Create Your Own DIY Zine Today.

Weather Today: No Frogs, Snow or Blood Until the Weekend.
Then, Fro-Sno-Blow-Blood-Bowl Begins.

Comix Today: Brian K. Vaughn (Y: The Last Man, Lost) has a new pay what you want comic, The Private Eye.


Both Candy And Gum, Day ’83 Razzles in The Year of Fun:

What Would Tilda Swinton Do?

2. Crush The Crush Groove.

3. Impotent Threat Day.
“I Will Suck The Oxygen Outta This Room…”
“When I’m President…”
“I’m Getting A Time Machine And Gonna Whup You Back To The Stone Age.”

You Get It, You It Getter.

(Answer: Sleep in a Glass Box at The MoMa.)

Pop Culture Today: Jason Molina of Magnolia Electric Company and Songs:Ohio recently died and all of his music is streaming free on his website.


Teal Polo Shirt. Topsiders. Fuzzy Sweater Around Waist. Mousse in Hair. The Year Of Fun is Dressed to Kill, Day ’80-Style.

1. Precede Every Sentence With ‘Some Say’ for Faux News Credibility.

2. Blame It On Cain. Don’t Blame It On Me.

3. What Up, 6-8-5-0-2?
Zip Code Nickname Day.

Weather Today: Dress For The H-Bomb.