Grinding Down The Point of No Return, Day 123. Year. Fun.

Grinding Down The Point of No Return, Day 123. Year. Fun.

1. Make A Strange Dog’s Day. Let Them Know You’re Intimidated By Their Caged Barking.

2. Enjoy A Fine Second World Dinner.

3. “Because Nobody Would Ever Watch A Live Show About People Sitting Around Watching A Reality Show, That’s Why.”

Nostalgia Today:

This actually happened to me today…
I was walking to The Russ’s, feet from my house, head still spinning with the French film Holy Motors, when this Siegfried and Roy White Tiger White Suburban Monster SUV stops beside me. Eye contact.

“Hey, can I ask you a question,”
Clean-cut salesman-type, thin-faced, early 30’s light-haired douche–sorry, honestly first word that popped into my mind–carefully enunciated.
“I’m looking for something.”
(Great, I suck at directions, douche from the ‘burbs.)
I took a step toward the SUV.

Somehow, gobsmacked, don’t know why, I said, “Sorry. Wrong Guy.”
He nodded, drove a quarter of a block up the street parked at the Korean grocery, in front, went in the store, came out 15 seconds later, walked across the street to what appeared to be an elderly Asian woman, talked to her for a few seconds, and then headed toward the creepy smoke shop and out of sight.

I guess, upon reflection, maybe I don’t look like the kind of guy who has sellable ‘rock’ on him, outside, at 4 o’clock in the afternoon in Lincoln MF Ne.

But I guess I do.