Working On Mysteries W/O Any Clues, Day 141, Night Moves in The Year of Fun.

1. Start Pre-Prod on Lifetime Movie,
‘One Year Later:
A Murder in Florida and
The Powerball Loser.’

2. The Man Who Can Fully Compartmentalize Every Aspect of His Life Shall Rule The World.—OCD Confucius.

3. #63 Weird Eddie.
“Ok, Pull Your Pants Down.”
Long Pause As Eddie Scans Up And Down, Pokes and Prods With His Finger.
“Hmmm, Well, Impressive, You’ll Be Lucky in Love. Long Legs, Big Boobs, Blonde. Next…”
Another Boy Crowds Into The Stall, Drops Corduroy.
“Oh No. Oh Boy. All Signs Point To Hatchetface Betty, So Sorry. She’s The Only One Who’ll Love You. And You’ll Be Lucky To Have Her.”

#63 Weird Eddie, The Boy Who Predicts Your Love Life By Looking At Your Penis, From ‘The Big Book of Childhood Horrors.’