That Little Strip of Processed Cheese That ALWAYS Tears Off When Opening The Cellophane, Day 142 of Weary Fun.

1. Join Local Minutiae Men Brigade, The Para-Military Group That Obsesses Over the Details.

2. Lap Dogs–Dog Breeder Specializing in Flat and Furry Canines.

3. Tonight on The Blaze(r) Channel 977, Deep Cable. Special ‘OK, Not OK’ Night.

7pm–Billy And His Gun. Lil Billy and His Dog Clipper Join Papa La Pierre to Shoot The Evil Tornbama Out of The Sky. Cartoon.

8pm–The 720 Club. Pat Reveals Which Ok. Sinners Caused The Ok. Holycaust. Religious.

9pm–Paper Cutz. Pres. Beck Demonstrates FEMA’s Destructive Power By Entering ‘The Confetti Cyclone Chamber’ Enduring 10 Million Tiny Cuts to His Body Politic. More Self-Flagellation in The Second Half Hour. Educational.

10pm–Gold Hoarders. Learn How To Melt Debris into Gold. Infomercial.

Stuck in Head: The First Line of Oklahoma.