Ignoring the Visual Cues and Plowing Ahead Anyway, Day 143, Not Shutting Up in The Year of Fun.

1. Dig Out Old Chucks in The Pursuit of The New.

2. Cover Self in Baby Bunnies, Take Pictures.

3. 12/18/77:The Day Elvis Costello Got Banned From SNL for the Next 30 Years.
The Reason: Radio Radio.

And, In Our Ongoing Series, It’s Time for What Have We Learned From Old Rock Songs:

Radio Radio:
–Do Anything Radio Advises.
–Think About Hiding Receiver if Switch Breaks from Age.
–Radio is Sound Salvation, Cleaning Up Nation, Voice of Reason, Gives You No Choice, Claims Treason, In Hands of Such A Lot of Fools, Anesthetizes Way You Feel, Wonderful, Marvelous.
–Late Night Stations Play Songs That Bring Tears (To Eyes).
–Some Friends Sit Around Every Evening and Worry About The Times Ahead.
–Everybody Else Overwhelmed With Indifference, Promised Early Bed.
–Hungry To Bite Hand That Feeds, Really Want to Bite Badly.
–Two Options: Shut Up or Get Cut Out (They Don’t Want To Hear It).
–When It’s All Said and Done, It’s Only Inches on The Reel-To-Reel.


(Honestly, Less Than Zero is a more controversial song.)