Bringing a Portable Hairdryer to Melt the Glaciers in My Heart, Day 158, Happy Feet in The Year of Fun.

1. Get Noble Peace Prize for Not Saying That Joke.

2. Get New Rascal Scooter for My End-of-Life Crisis.

3. Soon, Clothes Will Be Manufactured Flatter to Appeal to the Increasing Number of Online Shoppers Who Are Slowly Losing Their Depth Perception. #intheyear2000

Depression Today: Ladies may get a monthly visit from Aunt Flo, but for me Crazy Suicidal Uncle Al shows up once a month for a couple of days. I’m PDS-ing. Perennial Depression Syndrome, I Call It. It’s fun trying to think of reasons not to end it all for a few days every month. (Yes, sarcasm) Then he leaves and the crazy thoughts…fade. Just ride it out.
Don’tcha think the concept of free will is kinda funny as well? Or at least outdated.
They say Time heals all wounds. They also say Time will kill all of us eventually, so enjoy the short-term victories while they last, I say.
Oh, also when Uncle Al leaves, like all good parties, it ends in vomit.