The Late Night Fourth Meal of Regret, Day 160 Gulping Down The Year of Fun.

1. Get Mail Forwarded to The New Normal. Use Forever Stamps.

2. “I Just Don’t Believe The White Man Would Read Our Smoke Signals.” –Indians, 1832.

3. New Comedian Catch Phrases. Take One, Leave One.

“Well, Don’t That Just Itch My Taint.”

“And I Was Like Woah. (Pause)…And Then, Ahhhhhhhh!”

(Slowly) “Sup-Er-Cal-I-Frag-A-Licious.”

“Bam Bam, Right? Bam. B-A-M.”

“Google It. Bing It. Ahhhhh, Screw It.”

“Hey, My Peeples. What. Is. Up?”

“Just Another Day for Flappy Jack, The Hyper Flatulent Clown…” (Sobbing)

No Guarantees of Comedic Efficacy. No Refunds. Not A Professional Comedian. Go Away. Shoe!

Happy Centennial Post, Everyone! (Base 16)