The 2,000 Year Old Intern, Day 168, Formally, Subserviently in The Year of Fun.

1. Cry-O-Jen-Ic Sleep–A Great Night’s Sleep After Crying Out Over Jenny.

2. The Phrase ‘A-Meme-Ber Me?!?’ Over A Picture of Buckwheat. Internet Go!*

3. Bam Boo (’74-) (SsSH) (4th Good): Vietnam Vet Bill Bam Developed Slowly Regenerating Bamboo Claws Under Fingernails After Vietnam Knuckle Torture Mishap.
Currently, The U.S. Senator (SsSH-VA) is Mostly Used to Knock Cans Off Tall Shelfs.

I’m your number one bitch!–That naked lady on True Blood.

Dear Spring and Fall,
I miss you. Please come back. And stay forever.

Slept all day, sick. Father’s Day Comedown. Daniel Dennett recently defined, as I understand it, the brain’s purpose is to generate expected outcomes in your environment and manage expectations and adapt ongoing info. Combine that with, if @facthive is correct, we have 70,000 thoughts a day. That’s a lot of expectations or whatnot. As Maria Bamford calls it, her ‘Unwanted Thoughts Syndrome,’ run for me at about 20%, so 14,000 a day.

*I’m about 99% sure this idea has probably already been done without even checking.