What’s the Emoticon for Malaise Again? Day 171 €~}?^ in The Year of Fun.

1. …But My Laptop Didn’t Even Fully Charge. — A New Measure of Time Meaning “I Didn’t Get Enough Sleep.”

2. Sometimes I Think You Think My Self-Deprecation is Really Your You-Deprecation.

3. Who Will Win This Year’s ‘Most Adorable Use of The N-Word’ at This Year’s Hidden Racist Award Ceremony?
Paula Deen.
Michael Richards. (Legacy)
Hidden Racist of The Year Winner Donald Trump’s Three Year Old Illegitimate Daughter Propecia Trump.
Betty White.

New Philosophy: I’m gunna go all Bob Benson on their ass.*

*I don’t mean ‘that way,’ but the other way.
Sorry for the Mad Men Spoiler.