The Pocket-Sized Tesseract, Day 172 Exploding The Year of Fun.

1. Under the Ground: The Forgotten Athletes of Over the Top, My New Arm Wrestling Hagiography.

2. When I Grow Up I Wanna Grow Up to Be Paul Bartel from Rock and Roll High School.

3. Manic (93-)(SsSH)(4Good) — Gas Jockey Max Mannique, Two Weeks a Month, Overreaches and Solves Every Crime in Midvilleton He Physically Can. The Rest of the Month, Max Cries Alone in His Darkened Fortress of Deranged Thoughts.
Manic Became Temporarily Wealthy from His ‘Use Manic 4 Good’ T-Shirts (02-03), But Lost Fortune When He Burned His Amusement Park ‘Forced Fun’ to the Ground Chasing IroneeMan (SsSV(4Bad).

Summer Movie Season Today: Today starts the summer movie season I can afford. Last year’s blockbusters on premium cable! Today, Marvel’s The Avengers (I hear Joss Whedon directed it!) and soon, The Dark Knight Rises! I may set off leftover fireworks 30 minutes in, for excitement. On TV, all those cancelled shows I watched from December are back with new episodes, every Saturday night, to round out their exclusive run. Hello, 666 Park Ave. and goodbye, Zero Hour.

Hey Paula Deen, Matt Lauer is white, just over tanned sometimes.

From personal experience, I can tell you that 38 hours without sleep followed by 14 hours of sleep turns me from Carrie & her cork-board (Homeland) into Carrie & her ‘effin jazz.
Also, I can tell you from personal experience, I always compare my personal experiences to things in pop culture. Wait until the end of the post and the sadness reveals.