Confusing Sound With Fury, Day 174 Signifying The Year of Fun.

1. Use Only Artistic Restraints to Make Mother Fucking Art. Don’t Recycle.

2. Baser Instincts: My Guide to World Peace by Me. (1992) —
Recently Thrown Out During My ‘Die Ayn Rand’ Book Purge.

3. How I’m Stopping Terrorism (And So Can You)*
Shop at Mall of America.
Stop Blowing Shit Up.
Don’t Call Terrorist Friends Both Abroad and Now at Home.
Pick Three Random People in Telephone Book. Narc on Them to Build Trust with Gub’ment.
Focused, Extended Crying.

*Blatant, Ugly Nod to Stephen Colbert.

“There’s nothing wrong with a bad idea.”–Neil Degrasse Tyson on scientists. Also true for some hack comedians, politicians, religious leaders. Not true for mom. At least scientists will throw out the bad ideas and move on. Also, not true for mom.

Big Summer Movie Update Today: Watched four older movies in two days.
Marvel’s The Avengers-Liked the dialog better than the action. Joss Whedon for ya. Actually, viewed through the Whedonverse lens, I counted 3 Xanders, 2 Buffys, a Spike, and sadly no Willows or Anyas.

More movie comments as I remember them.