Inside The Upside-Down Pineapple Door, Day 176 Outside in The Year of Fun.

1. “Tomorrow, I’m going to try.”
–Three Hour Amoebas and High School Class Ring Salesmen Among Others.

2. If I Was a Shapeshifter, I Always Be an Adorable Puppy Because Who Doesn’t Love Puppies. You Can’t Steak a Puppy.–The Joke I Make Every True Blood.

3. Law & Order Summertime Tonight!: We Finally Meet Detective ‘Sidestep’ Joe After a Cameraman’s Death. Joe Has Been in Every Scene of Every Incarnation of Law & Order Since 1863, Just Two Inches Offscreen.

Not much to write today. Watched last Batman movie today, so whole day blown. Gotta say about Bane, guy knows how to recruit quality henchmen.