Waiting for the Police to Break Up The Party in My Mind, Day 177 Pony-Kegged in The Year of Fun.

1. ‘Boy, This Place Sure Loves to Proudly Display the Federal Minimum Wage Poster.’ –Seventy Percent of Employees.

2. Celebrating 10 Years of Legalized Sodomy by Watching Supreme Court Santorum the Bed. (I’m Guessing Based on Well-Earned Supreme Court Cynicism. Hope to Be Wrong.)

3. Other Lesser Known Supreme Court Rulings:
Less Filling Wins in Tastes Great Vs. Less Filling.
Rich Guys Win in Rich Guys Vs. Anyone.
Ginsberg Wins in the Ginsberg Vs. The Stray Thomas Pubic Hair Case. (Hooray!)

Three days later, I still blubber like a baby reading or thinking about the last scene in this week’s Mad Men.
When (or do you) let your children in on your crazy?
Do they already know/understand?
Crazy, how hereditary is it?

Anyway, at the end of the day, all there is is try. Didn’t Yoda say that?