Speaking Double Dutch to a Real Double Duchess, Day 181, Get Happy in The Year of Declan.

1. Write Love Letter to The Ghost of Your 18-Year-Old Self. No Invisible Ink This Time.

2. How Come You Don’t See A Lot of That Hitler Font Used in Stuff These Days?
–Things I’d Say in 1997, As A Dick Kinda.

Geez Louie Louie Louise Back In the Wayback to 1985 for That Joke Much Francis?
-Me Seconds After 1997 Kinda Dick Guy.
It Never Ends.

3. This Just In From The Past:
(4-22-79) Brit Rocker Elvis Costello Loses Cooking Show After Use of Controversial White N-Word.
Premiering His New Song, Oliver’s Army, During A Segment of Waiting for the End of The Whored Peas, His Cooking Show, Costello Sang the Song as Recorded.
“I’d Rather Be Anywhere But Here,” Costello said.

Developing, More Tomorrow….

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