Reupholstering the Fart Room, Day 183 Living Fabreezy in The Year of Sssssss.

Reupholstering the Fart Room, Day 183 Living Fabreezy in The Year of Sssssss.

1. Finish Incendiary and Useless Animated GIF Showing Obama Morphing into Bush Who Then Morphs into Darth Maul Who Then Morphs into Grumpy Cat.

2. Wrap Boxcutters in Bacon as a Treat for Airport Security Dogs.

3. Elvis Costello’s 1979-80 TV Season on the High Fidelity and Armed Forces Network, An Ongoing Series.

A Show for Each Song on Armed Forces. Pt. 1

“Accidents Will Happen” (Romantic Comedy) — Mysterious billionaire Elvis Costello is a playboy, raconteur, saboteur and the hat-wearing owner of Fish in The Sea, a gorgeous seaside lonely hearts resort in South Carolina. Each week, Mr. Hitt (Costello) sets up cute, violent ‘meetings’ for guests to realize, that in love, “Accidents Will Happen.”
Timothy Van Patten co-stars as Dr. Shaun Runn, Mr. Hitt’s personal assistant and nurse as well as Fish in the Sea’s busiest doctor.
Episode 1 (It’s Only Hitt and Runn): Resort guest Dick Van Patten plays a vacationing ladykiller who finds true love after running over Charo, a local hootchie-coo, with his AMC Pacer on ‘accident.’ Meanwhile, Hitt and Runn chaperone the resort’s annual Sweat and Smoke Cotillion.
Sponsored by AMC Motors. Mondays at 9 on your local Dixieland Independent Stations and The High Fidelity Network.

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