Divining a New Book of Greek Mythology for the Mormon Crowd, Day 184 Gold-Plated Zeus Hats in The Year of Fire, Fire, Fire!

Divining a New Book of Greek Mythology for the Mormon Crowd, Day 184 Gold-Plated Zeus Hats in The Year of Fire, Fire, Fire!

1. Take New Fangled Java-Rich Online Quiz to Find Out Which Match Game Cast Member I Most Resemble. (Brett Somers)

2. “Take a Right at the Hardee’s, Go about a Mile, Then Left and Fall Down the Rabbit Hole Until You Crash Through The Looking-Glass. Take a Pill, Crouch to Enter the Tiny Door and You’re There, Wonderland.” –Bad Driving Directions to Wonderland.

3. Reminiscing About My Favorite 1970’s Single Panel Comic Strip Featuring Crudely Drawn Morbidly Obese Naked Children, Diabetes Is…
…Never Knowing if Your Slip-On Shoes Are on the Right Feet.
…Always Tingling with Spidey Sense.
…Flopping Like a Pancake in Bed.
…Never Truly Enjoying Ice Cream.

Elvis Costello’s 1979-80 TV Season on the High Fidelity and Armed Forces Network, An Ongoing Series.

A Show for Each Song on Armed Forces. The Song and the Show’s Theme Song are One and the Same. Pt. 2

“Senior Service” (Competition) — It’s not your Dad’s Death of A Salesman. Twenty octogenarians vie to be the last one standing for the only bellboy job at a gorgeous seaside resort in South Carolina. Master of Acrimony Elvis MacManus guides the elderly through over 300 ‘Life and Death’ events. Who will win and who will die in the sweltering SC sun? Events include bar-tending, ‘Spot the Colored,’ line waiting, ‘Junior Dissatisfaction,’ extended breathing, swamp wrestling, and head-rolling.
Executive Producer David Mamet promises, “There will be NO third place.” Timothy Van Patten co-stars as The Headhunter.
“Senior Service” — It’s a death that’s worse than fate.
Sponsored by Schrade Knives and Belleville Mortuary. Tuesdays at 9 on your local Dixieland Independent Stations and The High Fidelity Network.

Still Exorcising the Elvis demon.

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