Day 211 of That Thing.

Day 211 of That Thing.

1. Let Information Be Free So Individuals Can Be Imprisoned. Transparency Behind Bars Über Alles. — Our Trusted Pretend Leaders.

2. Also, Let Spell Check and Autofill Be Correct Day.

3. Just Once, I’d Like to Finish ONE SIMPLE TASK Without Interruption, Diversion, Distraction, Brain Sabotage, Hand Shenanigans, The Surging Numbness, The Way Things Are, The Way Things Were, Time Travel, Cognitive Dissonance, Regular Sonance, Over Reach, Under the Dumb, Boulder Holding, Amnesia, Forgetfulness, Panic Attacks, Spaniel Attacks, Espanyol Attacks, 123 OCD, Why Why Why Why, Cornelius, Space Craft Over Head, Personal and Public Armageddons, Sleepyness, Sleepy-erness, Bug-Eyed Hyperactivity, The Other Thing, List Making And So On.

Today sucked hard, tomorrow my mouth will be dry.