214YoF, Summer Rerun Ed.

214YoF, Summer Rerun Ed.

1. “Whenever I See Someone at a Light Texting on Their Phone, I Want to Reach into Their Automobile and Snatch That Phone from Their Hand, Be That Hand Black or Be That Hand White, Brown, Red or Yellow…I’d Snatch That Phone and Smash it on the Ground.” — Petty Martin Luther King.

2. All You Need is Mom and Tums. And an Ent. No, an En. What? Momentum.

3. McDonald’s Playland : Six Flags.
Free Drive-Through Car Wash : ___________
A.) The Log Flume Ride.
B.) Wet ‘N Wild Adventures.
C.) Sadness.
D.) Obesity.
E.) Fraud.
F.) Some of the Above Including This One.
G.) Free Six Flags.
H.) 42.
I.) Whatever You Want.

The difference between tragedy and comedy is often one extra sentence.

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