Day 223 in Sideways Eight.

Day 223 in An Infinite Series.

1. “Wow, Even These Toilet Roll Instructions Sound Fancy in French. Such a Romantic Lang-Wa-Franca.” — Guy from Midwest, Not Pooping.

2. While I Liked the Writing in Red Dead Redemption Better, LA Noire had Better Acting. — Me, Outdated.

3. Ways I Could Never Be A Serial Killer Like the Ones on TeeVee:
Can’t Afford Rental on Second Location,
Need at Least Seven Uninterrupted Hours of Sleep Every Single Night,
Can’t Tie Secure Knots,
Not Really Much of a Good Liar,
Not Handsome Enough,
Hard Time Compartmentalizing,
Abhor the Killing or Harming of Other People by Me or Anyone Like All Non-Serial Killers Humans.

Nostalgia Today: Magic the Gathering World Tournaments on ESPN2.

All about me, on a Sunday no less. Happy Breaking Bad!