“Artists are parallel to scientists. Scientists have know way of knowing the result of an experiment beforehand. The same can be said for creating art.” Yosuke Euno.

(7:15am, one cup of coffee.)

Like. Like. Like. Like. Like Love. Agreed. HAHAHA. OMG That is Soooooo Cute. Like. Like.
Jimmy, Why haven’t you called frown emoji? love emoji. Like.Like. Ooooh, I could eat that puppy up!….Agreed. Yes. Like. Starry-Eyed Emoji. Like. Like Like.

(9:15am, three cups of coffee)

Yes, I’ll get that done by 3. Like. Sheesh, Obermeyer’s on my back again. Mimosas for lunch at Mamasitas? Cheerleader emoji. Drink Emoji. Yea! Emoji. Back to work. Like. Like. LOLOLOL. Like. Oooooo, I could eat that puppy up, delish! Like. Love, Love, Love. I have one of Those. Unhappy Face Emoji. Jim, I thought we had fun the other night. I hope we could meet up again. Text me up! Shrug Emoji. Like. Everybody, We are soooooo fucked. Share. Copy. Paste. Everybody, we are soooooo fucked. Read This Now. Retweet. Like. Like. Retweet. Yea, Yea 3 O’ Clock. Like. Like. Like. Like.

(11:15am, Five cups of coffee.)

Like. Party Balloons. It’s almost Mimosa O’Clock. Starry Eyes Emoji. Love, Love, Love, Love. Dear Marveline Cosmetics, Yes, I would like a free sample of your new wrinkle cream, Sincerely Sharon Bonngartner, Beatrice, Nebraska. PS. A Lifelong fan of Everything Marveline. XOXOXOXO. Like. OMG Like, Like, Like. Dear Jimmy, I’m still Waiting. Are you okay (You better be dead in a ditch) Smiley face. Ok. Ok. Ok. Ok. Cool, ok. Ok. Ok. On it. Yea. yea. Ok. Ok. Alright, after lunch. Ok. Ok. That is sooooooo cute, I could eat that baby up, yum yum yum. Ok. Ok. Ok. You Betcha. Right. Ok. Ok. I’l have it by three. Sprinter emoji. Gotta run, finish up the contract. Ok. Bye. Let’s go to lunch, bitches.

(1:15 pm, Four Mimosas)

Like. OK Jim, fancy fucking car Masters, why haven’t you texted me you prick! I thought we had a connection. I thought maybe you were the one. And three days and you don’t text. What gives you the right! Watch out buster. Eggplant emoji Scissors emoji. Like. Like. Share. Yes, I’m almost finished. I’ll be done by three. Jesus Fucking Christ Janet, Obermeyer is living in my ass. Can you come over here? Like. Love. Love. Janet says hi. Wooo, looking good girl. What a cute kitty. Like. Like. Like.

(3:15 pm. Two More Cups of Coffee.)

Ok. No. No. No. No. The Printer ate it. No. Ok. No. Yes, tomorrow. Right. No. I’m sorry. No. Ok. Ok. Ok. Bye. Hey Janet, I just got reamed. Bye. Ok. Yes, Right away. Ok. Dear James Masters, You errant piece of shit. I hope you die of syphillis with all your whores. I hope your dirty, tiny thing falls off in a fire. You forced this, I never want to see you again (like you ever contacted me, who does that??) You missed out, asshole. Sharon. Dislike. Dislike. Dislike.

(9:15pm, five glasses of wine)

hahahahahahaha, you lost your phone. hahahahahaha. Yea, somebody stole my phone. I was hacked. That sooooo wasn’t me. I am so going to kick Janet’s ass. Yes. Ok. Ok. I love to. See you then. Starry eyes emoji. Hand emoji eggplant emoji. Love, Sharon. Like. Like. Like.