Reaperman Love

Reaperman Love

(I don’t agree with this)

Oh yea, Uh-huh,

(sex noises)

The future, baby, That’s for You and Me.

Man to Woman
Rubber to Rubber,
Mask to Mask,
Someday Skin to skin and skin and skin and skin…

That’s the future, Baby, You and me.

Our love will burn the sun out,
Scorch the earth down,
Sear the soul clean. Sear the Soul Clean and clean and clean.

The the future baby, You plus me

Holy flaming Jesus,
Our love is greater the Bible.

When we get together, We’ll burn the heretic, Fry the leperous, Flame the spastics Crisp the Crazed,

and Obliterate the undeserving.

All must go to please…

Holy Flaming Jesus Holy flaming Jesus Holy Flaming Jesus.

You and Me me and you You and Me

Alpha Omega omega alpha Alpha Omega Alpha Omega

The mysterious power.

Clip Break (Spoken)

Oh yea, I remember the day we met. The skies were thick with sexy black smoke and my flamethrower was ready to fire, gassed up and good to go, one itchy trigger and I’ll unload, spill my righteous fire, Spill my righteous fire, spill my righteous fire on the creamy white uh, earth.

Then I saw you in the clearing, an angel in black rubber, head-chooping machete in one hand, head in the other. Head in the other, head in the other, head in the other.
OOOO, the crease in that rubber suit said you were for me, virus be damned.

My quarantine cutie…

I want to reap you. I Want to reap you. I want to reap you. Reap you.

Reap you. Reap you.

Sow what I reap. Sow what I reap. Sow what I reap.

(Clip Break)

Honey, I’m gonna build you a sexy love machine.
It’ll grind the bones and rend the flesh and make your life easy. It’ll wrench the blood and cream the chaff and purify your world. They’ll say it can’t be done, shouldn’t be done.

But they don’t understand.
They don’t understand our love. Understand the future.
The future baby, that’s for you and me.