America’s Plastic Porn Police Praying Forgiveness

A Sestina. Big tits. Juicy booty. Tramp stamp. Nipples that look past you. America. A body that won’t quit, can’t quit, unionized, tenured, no health care, plastic. Tiny Asian. Milf. Foot. Toes. House. Lawn. Car. BMOC. POC. BYOB. SML. Porn. Beating, pounding, pleading, blood-pumping, pulsing, vibrating, blinding police. Why. Why. Why. No. No. No. I try to breathe. Breathing is nice. I won’t quit. I can’t breathe, praying. I’ll do anything. I’ll say anything. I’ll be anything. What do you want me to be? Forgiveness. Forgiveness of thought. Forgiveness of action. Forgiveness for the future, just forgiveness. The luckless ambition … Continue reading America’s Plastic Porn Police Praying Forgiveness