America’s Plastic Porn Police Praying Forgiveness

A Sestina.

Collage by Bryan Gahagan

Big tits. Juicy booty. Tramp stamp. Nipples that look past you. America.

A body that won’t quit, can’t quit, unionized, tenured, no health care, plastic.

Tiny Asian. Milf. Foot. Toes. House. Lawn. Car. BMOC. POC. BYOB. SML. Porn.

Beating, pounding, pleading, blood-pumping, pulsing, vibrating, blinding police.

Why. Why. Why. No. No. No. I try to breathe. Breathing is nice. I won’t quit. I can’t breathe, praying.

I’ll do anything. I’ll say anything. I’ll be anything. What do you want me to be? Forgiveness.

Forgiveness of thought. Forgiveness of action. Forgiveness for the future, just forgiveness.

The luckless ambition of the caffeinated loser. Fireworks on the seventh of July. America!

To have the big tits, the juicy booty. To have the plastic man. To have. To get. To breathe, to pray.

Plastic prayers for real lives, Real lives for a real inner self, a real self for a world plastic.

The time slips, slides, slipping away, the rules harden, hard, solid, rules police.

Escape the mind. Escape the body. Escape to Nirvana. Escape porn.

Thirty seconds over Tokyo. Get down and give me thirty. Thirty second porn.

The writhing, creamy bodies, melting, skin-splitting, shadows and forgiveness.

White-collar. Blue-colllar. Red-collar. The cycle of forgiveness and the police.

The tiny Asian dog in the oversized purse has the best collar in America.

Not platinum. Not black. Not gold. No limit. No fees. No money down, fantastic plastic.

Give me more, give me more, give me more, give me more.  Give me more.  Pray.

Prayers for the things I don’t want, can’t want, can’t quit, won’t quit. Praying prayers that pray for pears.

Pear-shaped, apple-bottomed, jewel-eyed, banana-hammocked prayers for porn.

A Siliconed past that never was and dreams of a future plasticine.

Why can’t we wean off the teat? Why won’t we take the boot off the neck and ask for forgiveness?

A cycle infinite. Again and again and again, I can’t breathe, America.

It’s our nature to nuture the violent, the obscene, and to give forgiveness of the violent and obscene, to police the police.

To pray for the police, to forgive the police, to fetishize the police.

Begin the beguine. End the violence. Start the love. Put empathy into first gear. Gun forgiveness.

Spin out. Spun out. Spun down and out in Hollywood. The dreams of the dreamless in America.

The ambivalent motion and routine of America. Birth, school, work, death, wake, eat, twerk, home, porn.

The ambivalent motion and routine of the soul. Birth, school, prayer, lapse, prayer, lapse, prayer, lapse, prayer, lapse, forgive.

Forgive the lapse. Lap the laps. Lap-dancing. Lap the lap-dancing. transactional sex. Silicone and plastic.

Eat love prey. Prey and predator. Pre-date the prayer. Pay in plastic.

America pays in plastic ties on the poor. America pays with plastic police.

A cashless world. A carried soul with no money down, only interest in forgiveness.

Only interest in the wealth. Transubstation for the paid penance of cash prayer.

Give me want me can’t me won’t me sext me fuck me porn me prayer me porn

America, fucking America.

Plastic praying for America, fucking America.

Policing porn for America, fucking America.

Forgiveness for America, fucking America.

Merry Chrismus!