Concentrated Bird Droppings 20220206-20220210

TODAY IN THE FUTURE 20160830093112 Jump In! Go Through The Door NOW! The Most Important Frame of Time and Geo-Synchronized Place in The History of The Universe and Beyond…Past, Present and Future Historians. ### CONTROL C CONTROL V 20211108 /Honeycomb Units are Comfort, Strength and Purity of Place. Only Well-Defined Roles and The Iron Fist of The Queen Create Wholly-Evolved Bees. Follow The Corporate Stakeholder. Be The Bee. Know Your Role. Blend In and Buzz Out…Not Kurt Vonnegut./  ### TODAY IN THE FUTURE 19930624 After a three-day standoff, Shelly Miscavige appeared from The Infinity Cave in Clearwater, Florida and slain … Continue reading Concentrated Bird Droppings 20220206-20220210