Concentrated Bird Droppings 20220211-20220215

TODAY IN THE FUTURE 19880913 After A Combination of Lightning, Spilled Coffee & A Struck Groove, DJ Eddie Blayne Accidentally Sent The Song ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’ 3 Trillion Miles Into Space. Upon Hearing, The Time Lords Called Off Their Armada & Had A Nice Iced Lemonade.  ### CTR C CTR V 18621225 /GOD IS DEAD! HE*SHE*US*THEM*WE*IT* DIED TRYING TO DO A PULL-UP ON THE PULL-UP BAR.  HE WAS SO HEAVY HE COULDN’T LIFT HIMSELF UP AFTER CREATING A BAR THAT COULD HOLD HIM. …Harold, Friedrich Nietzsche’s Little Brother After A Spicy Chili Stew & Fitful Nap/ ### TODAY IN … Continue reading Concentrated Bird Droppings 20220211-20220215