The Fiesta 13: Repo Man Anytime-ish

The Fiesta 13 is now rolling out a library for Fiesta 13 Patrons. No, not Patreon, Patron just means someone who is accepted to go to The Fiesta 13. There’s no cost–I call it A Co-Op Micro Theater. Mostly for a weird, but trustworthy and movie-loving circle of few. Never as large is The Fiesta 13 Drive-inn & Maternity Ward in The Fertile Fields in and around Blaine, Ne . That would be insane! Slowly Space Shifts. Slowly The Space Shifts. Space Slowly The Shifts. Capacity is 6 and there’s someone’s on the floor. But it’s free. You just gotta … Continue reading The Fiesta 13: Repo Man Anytime-ish

Death, Today @6-ish @ The Fiesta 13

Emergency movie watching alert! The trans-dimensional supply chan rift is over! However, atoms got re-arranged and times were shifted so that The Future sent us an older, but better giallo. Instead of Death Walks at Midnight, we got the weird vibe times ten & parts of it take place ON A FACTORY CHICKEN FARM! Why? Giallo Night Redux with an early Wolfie. Today@6-ish Trailers: ### Continue reading Death, Today @6-ish @ The Fiesta 13

The Fiesta 13 Certificate of Patronage

Hola Amigos, The Fiesta 13 Micro-Theater Movie Train keeps chugging along. Today, an example of The Fiesta 13 Certificate of Patronage. Each one is unique for each patron. In order to see the free movies at The Fiesta 13, you must be an approved patron or come with an approved patron. Once again, F-R-E-E! We will never require money for entrance to any movie event. If you’d like to financially help, there’s a money button in the sidebar or you could contribute food or prizes to any event. Honestly, this is not about money. The Fiesta 13 is a co-op … Continue reading The Fiesta 13 Certificate of Patronage

Death Walks Double Feature @ F13

Friday @ 4-ish A Giallo Double Feature Event This Friday @ 4-ish. The Fiesta 13 brings you Death Walks at Midnight & Death Walks on High Heels, both by Luciano Ercoli. Garish kills from the height of the Giallo era. 2-3 seats still available for this low-key, but tense movie night. 2-3 seats still available. Do you want to see it or any Fiesta 13 movie, contact and become a F13 Patron. It’s free. You’ll get your own personalized certificate and learn what your Birfday movie is and other weird stuff. You never have to give Fiesta 13 a … Continue reading Death Walks Double Feature @ F13