The Fiesta 13 Certificate of Patronage

The Fiesta 13 Certificate of Patronage

Hola Amigos,

The Fiesta 13 Micro-Theater Movie Train keeps chugging along. Today, an example of The Fiesta 13 Certificate of Patronage. Each one is unique for each patron. In order to see the free movies at The Fiesta 13, you must be an approved patron or come with an approved patron.

Once again, F-R-E-E! We will never require money for entrance to any movie event. If you’d like to financially help, there’s a money button in the sidebar or you could contribute food or prizes to any event. Honestly, this is not about money. The Fiesta 13 is a co-op micro-movie theater.

So, what do you do to become a F13 patron? Well, I’m glad I made you ask.

All you have to do is e-mail our lovely and smart digital assistant from a future at the following information:

Full Name

Full Birthday

Four Movies You Like. These movies may not necessarily be your absolute favorite, but movies that define the style and type of movie you like. This will help better define what kind of movie to show you in the future. The Fiesta 13 is all about a customizable movie event focused on you.

Also, subscribe to the mailing list in the sidebar if you want, so you’re never out of the loop about upcoming events.

You do not need to be nearby Blaine, Ne. to become a patron. You never even need to step into a Fiesta 13 to be a patron. You just need to supply the info and be approved.

Did you know there are over 13,000 Blaine, Nes in The US each with a Fiesta 13? If approved, we’ll e-mail you the address of your Fiesta 13.

In future posts, I’ll explain the benefits of what a F13 patron can expect, what those monster heads mean, what ‘Birfday’ means and the ethos of The Fiesta 13 experience.

Thank you and Stay Awesome!

Fiesta 13 MC,

19660830 BRYGA P

The Fiesta 13:

Showing You Movies You Didn’t Know You Needed To See.

Here’s my certificate, as an example.

The certificate may change in appearance as this is the first draft.