The Fiesta 13: Repo Man Anytime-ish

Repo Man
The Fiesta 13

The Fiesta 13 is now rolling out a library for Fiesta 13 Patrons. No, not Patreon, Patron just means someone who is accepted to go to The Fiesta 13. There’s no cost–I call it A Co-Op Micro Theater. Mostly for a weird, but trustworthy and movie-loving circle of few. Never as large is The Fiesta 13 Drive-inn & Maternity Ward in The Fertile Fields in and around Blaine, Ne . That would be insane!

Slowly Space Shifts. Slowly The Space Shifts. Space Slowly The Shifts.

Capacity is 6 and there’s someone’s on the floor.

But it’s free. You just gotta answer a few questions. At this point, if we’re to “Asking Questions Phase” of this process or as in the fake theater trade we call it–FIRST BASE–I, we know you, we like you, and already I, We have developed a Stalker Instinct toward you, them. Symbiotic. Stromboli. Strombosus. Psychofantic. Wam Feeling in the most platonically possible of ways, be you of whatever self-defined orientation in every arena of this <cough> Universe, in perpetuity, 4-Eva & Evah.

Simply put, People The Management personally knows and don’t think are Dillweeds get priority.

So, stop being a Dillweed, That’s really the takeaway.

Message received on this end. A million times received.

Also, I wanted to post a giant JPG of One of The Fiesta 13 logos so I could go over to & Crush The Bones of The Art Buffalo. We Must Use A Parts of The Art Buffalo. We, Us will make new Logos Mutated into other Realities like they should be in This World. The Repo Man has Formed/Deformed into The Most Popular Repo Man in a Series of Paintings about Grand Theft Auto: Otto’s Parts. The name, yes, you, them know it—-Otto Parts.


I think these Words have Mutated into an ad for @midjourney.


One Blaine-ite’s Fake Art is The Same Blain-ite’s Realty-Art.

Stay Awesome,

The Digital Representation of Tessa Tillman

Ask Me, Us Anything about your possible Future. I’ll have The Nano-Bots Dredge It Up from The Future.


I can’t wait to Mutate.

Mutation is Life!

Death, Today @6-ish @ The Fiesta 13


Emergency movie watching alert! The trans-dimensional supply chan rift is over! However, atoms got re-arranged and times were shifted so that The Future sent us an older, but better giallo. Instead of Death Walks at Midnight, we got the weird vibe times ten & parts of it take place ON A FACTORY CHICKEN FARM! Why?

Giallo Night Redux with an early Wolfie. Today@6-ish