The Fiesta 13: Repo Man Anytime-ish

The Fiesta 13 is now rolling out a library for Fiesta 13 Patrons. No, not Patreon, Patron just means someone who is accepted to go to The Fiesta 13. There’s no cost–I call it A Co-Op Micro Theater. Mostly for a weird, but trustworthy and movie-loving circle of few. Never as large is The Fiesta 13 Drive-inn & Maternity Ward in The Fertile Fields in and around Blaine, Ne . That would be insane! Slowly Space Shifts. Slowly The Space Shifts. Space Slowly The Shifts. Capacity is 6 and there’s someone’s on the floor. But it’s free. You just gotta … Continue reading The Fiesta 13: Repo Man Anytime-ish

Death, Today @6-ish @ The Fiesta 13

Emergency movie watching alert! The trans-dimensional supply chan rift is over! However, atoms got re-arranged and times were shifted so that The Future sent us an older, but better giallo. Instead of Death Walks at Midnight, we got the weird vibe times ten & parts of it take place ON A FACTORY CHICKEN FARM! Why? Giallo Night Redux with an early Wolfie. Today@6-ish Trailers: ### Continue reading Death, Today @6-ish @ The Fiesta 13