The Phantom of The Opera Anytime-ish @The Fiesta 13

The Phantom of The Opera

See The Phantom of The Opera @The Fiesta 13 Anytime-ish. Got around to watching this one a few days ago. Except for Phantom of The Paradise, not a fan of this monster and story in most iterations. Hammer’s version here is serviceable, with Herbert Lom’s flashback as the standout in the movie.

The Trailer:

The Fiesta 13, Blaine Ne.


The Curse of The Werewolf Anytime-ish @The Fiesta 13

The Curse of The Werewolf

Hammer Horror’s take on The Wolf Man. See it anytime-ish @The Fiesta 13.

You’ll be screaming “Where’s The Werewolf! Where’s The Werewolf” for the first 45 minutes of the movie. You’ll also scream, “Where’s Oliver Reed?” Oliver Reed is beloved here at The Fiesta 13 and he elevates everything he’s in, even boring schlock like this. Best way to watch the movie: Just scan ahead until Oliver Reed shows up. That’s really when the movie starts.

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The Brides of Dracula Anytime-ish @The Fiesta 13

Brides of Dracula

Hammer Horror’s The Brides of Dracula Anytime-ish @The Fiesta 13. No Christopher Lee as a more feral Dracula, but Peter Cushing is in as Van Helsing.

If you’re a young school teacher, do not accept an invitation to stay at a creepy woman’s house. Then DO NOT release the man in the basement. It’s Dracula who rounds up his ladies and causes havoc. The guy who plays Dracula is no Christopher Lee. An Average effort.

The Trailer:

The Fiesta 13, Blaine Ne


MOVIES EVERYONE SHOULD SEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! This Tuesday @2-ish @The Fiesta 13

The Fiesta 13 is starting a new series—MOVIES EVERYONE SHOULD SEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our Hack Premise: It’s a movie everyone should see. Duh. Part of basic movie knowledge, Kindy-garden stuff. The best of their respective genre.

When we show A MOVIE EVERYONE SHOULD SEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!, we’ll play this game: The Art Robots Interpret This World & Show Us The World of Blaine, Ne.

You know, ARITWSUTBN. Or as they say around here, Those Darn Art Robots!

We fed the poster for A MOVIE EVERYONE SHOULD SEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! into The Art Robots @midjourney and They spit out the picture above.

The game is simple, guess the movie in comments. We’ll add more clue pictures in the comments as we get closer to show time if no one has guessed the movie. Prizes eventually to be a lure. Game ends when movie is shown, This Tuesday @2-ish @The Fiesta 13.

True Fact! This Tuesday @2-ish is also my actual birthday. It’s not my actual Birfday, but, still, neat.

Oh, my actual Birfday Party is This Friday@4-ish @The Fiesta 13.

Be there or be a colorful circle. Your choice.

The Fiesta 13 Blaine, Ne


The Mummy (1959) Anytime-ish @The Fiesta 13

The Mummy

Hammer Horror’s The Mummy (1959) Anytime-ish @The Fiesta 13. Whenever Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing pair up, The Fiesta 13 is there. They’re generally gold in everything, even in this middling adaptation of The Mummy.

If you’re a mummy fan, it’s definitely worth a look. We liked it and all of The Hammer Horror reboots of The Classic Universal Monsters are worth a look. Christopher Lee as Dracula is one of the best Draculas.

The Trailer:

The Fiesta 13, Blaine.Ne.

Vertigo Anytime-ish @The Fiesta 13


One of Alfred Hitchcock’s best, in Vista-Vision and 4k and HDR Anytime-ish @The Fiesta 13. Jimmy Stewart obsesses over Kim Novak. Is she a part-time ghost? Find out @The Fiesta 13.

Contact to see this movie or one of 500 other movies. The Fiesta 13, movies you didn’t know you had to see.

The Trailer:

The Fiesta 13, Blaine, Ne


The Man Who Knew Too Much Anytime-ish @The Fiesta 13

The Man Who Knew Too Much

The Man Who Knew Too Much Anytime-ish @The Fiesta 13. It’s been a while since The Management has seen this one, but we do recall a pretty thrilling Opera House scene. See it With the original 1934 version with Peter Lorre. A know too much double feature only @The Fiesta 13.

Contact for more info.

The Trailer:

The Fiesta 13, Blaine, Ne


Dawn & Day of The Dead Friday @4ish The Fiesta 13

Dawn of TheDead/Day of The Dead

The best zombie of all time, the original Dawn ofThe Dead, plus Romero’s under-rated follow-up, Day of The Dead. This Friday @4-ish @The Fiesta 13. Contact for more info.

Finding a good blu-ray or 4k of Dawn of The Dead has been a pain. It doesn’t stream anywhere and there is no Blu-Ray for the movie. I had a better widescreen DVD version, but lost it and to replace it would have set me back 40 bucks. (The Fiesta 13 shows all movies legally) So, we do have the original director’s cut of the movie with Dario Argento’s fingerprints all over it. I haven’t seen it, so come see what the fuss is all about. Consumerism and zombies go hand in hand.

Also, every time I’ve seen Day of The Dead, I’ve liked it more. And The Fiesta 13 just got in the Blu-ray with lots of special features.

Hope to see you Friday!

The Trailers:

The Fiesta 13, Blaine, Ne


Rear Window Anytime-ish @The Fiesta 13

Rear Window

See Alfred Hitchcock’s tightly wound, single set masterpiece. Looser and more camera movement than the average Hitchcock, Rear Window is one of the first mainstream movies to talk about voyeurism and the audience’s culpability to what they watch.

Rewatched Rear Window last weekend. First time around, It wasn’t my favorite Hitchcock. This time, I enjoyed Grace Kelly and Jimmy Stewart’s relationship and the elaborate set and intricate camera movements.

Rear Window taps into a feeling we all have—We’re just observers in the horror show just outside the window. We feel helpless to do anything, but even as observers, there are actions we can take, however the world may bite back. Also, what are our privacy rights? (Answer: none)

Rear Window is worth a rewatch if you seen it it and if not, come on down to The Fiesta 13 and watch a great 4K copy.

Contact for more info.

The Trailer:

The Fiesta 13, Blaine, Ne