Shadow of A Doubt Anytime-ish @The Fiesta 13

Is Uncle Charley The Merry Widower Killer or Not? That’s the central question behind Alfred Hitchcock’s Shadow of A Doubt. Anytime-ish @The Fiesta 13. 1080P, improved sound and so on. The Management rewatched this one over the weekend, a solid Hitchcock entry. Joesph Cotton does a great job switching between charming and nefarious. One surprising aspect, The Management tended to agree with Uncle Charley’s worldview. The world IS terrible. There isn’t much meaning in this world. But instead of possibly being a murderer, The Management says enjoy this terrible life. The Happy Nihilist Club, laughing in the face of The … Continue reading Shadow of A Doubt Anytime-ish @The Fiesta 13