MOVIES EVERYONE SHOULD SEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! This Tuesday @2-ish @The Fiesta 13

The Fiesta 13 is starting a new series—MOVIES EVERYONE SHOULD SEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our Hack Premise: It’s a movie everyone should see. Duh. Part of basic movie knowledge, Kindy-garden stuff. The best of their respective genre.

When we show A MOVIE EVERYONE SHOULD SEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!, we’ll play this game: The Art Robots Interpret This World & Show Us The World of Blaine, Ne.

You know, ARITWSUTBN. Or as they say around here, Those Darn Art Robots!

We fed the poster for A MOVIE EVERYONE SHOULD SEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! into The Art Robots @midjourney and They spit out the picture above.

The game is simple, guess the movie in comments. We’ll add more clue pictures in the comments as we get closer to show time if no one has guessed the movie. Prizes eventually to be a lure. Game ends when movie is shown, This Tuesday @2-ish @The Fiesta 13.

True Fact! This Tuesday @2-ish is also my actual birthday. It’s not my actual Birfday, but, still, neat.

Oh, my actual Birfday Party is This Friday@4-ish @The Fiesta 13.

Be there or be a colorful circle. Your choice.

The Fiesta 13 Blaine, Ne