Rear Window Anytime-ish @The Fiesta 13

See Alfred Hitchcock’s tightly wound, single set masterpiece. Looser and more camera movement than the average Hitchcock, Rear Window is one of the first mainstream movies to talk about voyeurism and the audience’s culpability to what they watch. Rewatched Rear Window last weekend. First time around, It wasn’t my favorite Hitchcock. This time, I enjoyed Grace Kelly and Jimmy Stewart’s relationship and the elaborate set and intricate camera movements. Rear Window taps into a feeling we all have—We’re just observers in the horror show just outside the window. We feel helpless to do anything, but even as observers, there are … Continue reading Rear Window Anytime-ish @The Fiesta 13

The Bat Woman @The GizmoPlex This Friday @7pm Rewatch @F13

Boy, March 28, 1968 was quite a day @The Fiesta 13. You see, this was the first time a woman was a Voice From The Future. Since the first short showed at The Fiesta 13, the 1902 Short A Trip to The Moon, movies have been playing with weird voices commenting on the movie or even as shadows in the corner. The references were strange, taking about people and things never heard before. Old Man Blaine kept the whole process quiet, so how did movies come with Voices From The Future? No one knows. Not until 1989, did The Fiesta … Continue reading The Bat Woman @The GizmoPlex This Friday @7pm Rewatch @F13