The First Birfday Party Event This Friday @4-ish @The Fiesta 13!

Mondo Bizarro

It’s The Fiesta 13’s First Birfday Event. As a Fiesta 13 Patron, one of the benefits is your own Birfday party! We’re still figuring out how this will work, but the first movie is always the Patron’s Birfday Movie plus a second movie chosen by The Birfday Patron. This Friday, it’s the 1966 exploitational documentary Mondo Bizarro plus a surprise second feature. There’ll be pinball, trailers, kitty cats, snacks, drinks, legal mood enhancers. This Friday @4-ish, only @The Fiesta 13.

Contact tessa@gebryan.comto become a Fiesta 13 Patron and find out what your Birfday movie and Birfday story. As always, it’s free.

The Trailer:

The Fiesta 13, Blaine, Ne.


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