The Curious Dr. Humpp A Fiesta 13 Mini-Review

One of our mottos here @The Fiesta 13 is “Movies You Didn’t Know You Needed to See.” And last night, we found one we didn’t know we needed to see: The Curious Dr. Humpp. This 1969 Argentinian Sexplotation Movie has everything you want in a movie. Lots of 60’s hippie nudity, a brain talking in a jar, lesbians, orgies, weird sex toys, weird-eyed human robots who chloroform people having sex, the world’s most powerful aphrodisiac and a crazy mad scientist running the show. The plot concerns Dr. Humpp who has created a powerful aphrodisiac that he injects into young nymphomaniacs … Continue reading The Curious Dr. Humpp A Fiesta 13 Mini-Review

Paranoiac! Anytime-ish @The Fiesta 13

See this Hammer Horror thriller Anytime-ish @The Fiesta 13. This one falls into The “Let’s Gaslight the Young Ingenue” genre of movies. As Always, Oliver Reed excels in this twisty movie. An underrated Hammer film gem. Another Movie You Didn’t Know You Needed to See–Only @The Fiesta 13. Contact for more info. The Trailer: ### Continue reading Paranoiac! Anytime-ish @The Fiesta 13