Another Birfday Party Event! Today @4-ish Only @The Fiesta 13

Slumber Party Massacre 3

By Order of KeyHawker Industries, it’s another Fiesta 13 Birfday Party Event! Lovely Fiesta 13 Patron #3 was born on September 7, 1990 in Blaine, Ne. We’ll be showing their Birf-Movie Slumber Party Massacre 3 as well as a secret bonus movie picked by our lucky Birfday Patron today @4-ish!

A good-old fashioned pajama party sleepover! Hopefully, no Driller Killer!

They’ll be two sets of trivia, lots of prize opportunities, a special Birfday song, snacks, drinks, the painting of each other’s nails, braiding, and other pajama party festivities. Come dressed down for fun!

To become a Fiesta 13 Patron and get your own Birfday Party, contact for more information. It’s free, always!

The Trailer:

The Fiesta 13, Blaine, Ne.