Take The Fiesta 13 1980’s Horror Movie OctoVember Challenge

The Fiesta 13 1980’s Horror Movie OctVember Challenge

Every movie theater does horror movies in October. Some even specialize in 1980’s Horror movies and franchises. Ok. Fine. Good for y’all.

But here at The Fiesta 13, we really don’t care for Corporate-Owned Christmas. It’s starting to creep into October. Blech. And we like Thanksgiving: that’s a pretty solid, unfortunately racist, gluttonous shared national experience.

We’re taking back Thanksgiving AND November this year and keeping the creepy vibe going until December finally takes over and we have to find the bleakest stuff possible to show to block out the thing that is The Unstoppable Corporate Christmas Machine. So, this year,

Take The Fiesta 13’s 1980 Movie Challenge:

Watch 62 1980’s Horror Movies in 62 Days.

Start on any day in early October and watch 62 1980’s horror movies in 62 Days. Don’t worry about sticking to a one movie a day schedule, just log one movie a day on a list of 62 movies. Customize as desired. Watch two movies during the week and five on the weekend. Watch them all Thanksgiving week. Apply as needed.

Watch 62 1980’s Horror Movies in 62 Days.

It’ll help retheme this year’s holiday season into a different vibe. Be it for comfort and nostalgia or scares and enease, 1980’s horror has everything a movie lover, especially a horror movie lover, wants. A great escape from others or way to bring generations together, 1980’s Horror does it all.

Criterion Channel has a great way to start your journey on The Fiesta 13 1980’s Horror Movie OctoVember Challenge. The 30+ movies are quality with a nice variety of tone. There’s a few there we hadn’t seen and are looking forward to viewing. And a quite a lot of classics we want to see again and show others. We also use Arrow Streaming as a go to, but every streaming service loads up on horror in October and they’re still there in November.

Everything we’re watching The Fiesta 13 1980’s Horror Movie OctoVember Challenge is through streaming channels preferred, then, if desperate, rent.

And we’ll give you what The Fiesta 13 watched for the 62 Days here on The Fiesta 13 Network.

Think we’ll start with something from Criterion we hadn’t seen for Day One.

The Fiesta 13 1980’s Horror Movie Challenge will not affect other Fiesta 13 Events like Kaiju Tuesday and Birfday Party Events. The Events may mutate, however.

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