The Fiesta 13 1980’s Horror Movie OctoVember Challenge #9: Death Screams

Death Screams

The Fiesta 13 1980’s Horror Movie OctoVember Challenge #9: Death Screams (1982) (Arrow)

62 1980’s Horror Movies in 62 Days.

‘Young Adults’ go to a hometown carnival, then the woods where a killer eventually shows up.

This is a below-average slasher with a scarce, but easily-guessable killer. I weirdly liked all the ‘Young Adult’ hometown carnival scenes of ‘Young Adults’ being ‘Young Adults’ for the first half of the flick. The last third is a pretty standard slashic with below-par effects.

We want to take a minute to talk about The Comedian character. He’s, always a he, is usually second killed after the pretty naked girl. And in this movie, he dies in pretty Comedic Character fashion, taking a dump in an outhouse on a rainy night.

We actually thought he was funny in the beginning of the movie, but the relentless onslaught of dated references, even for the ’80’s, began to wear and we were ready for him to go. Why must every Comedian Character do a Three Stooges routine? A marked difference in this Comedian Character, he had a girlfriend. That’s a first.

You see, we would end up being The Comedian Character in any real-life slasher situation. We really only know jokes and have no real slasher-evading skills. So, we generally have Comedian Character sympathies, but they are always sooooo obnoxious. Why can’t you actually make them funny? Do you make them obnoxious so the audience wants him to die? We prefer the more sympathetic ‘Young Adult’ characters. As a teen, we used to root for the killer ’cause we were kind of a jerk. But now, we root for the ‘Young Adults.’

So, find us a Comedian Character worthy of rooting for, slasher movie.

The Trailer:

Death Screams

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