The Fiesta 13 1980’s Horror Movie OctoVember Challenge #13: Near Dark (1987)

Near Dark

The Fiesta 13 1980’s Horror Movie OctoVember Challenge #13: Near Dark (1987) (Criterion)

62 1980’s Horror Movies in 62 Days.

Hillbilly vampires take in a new recruit who does nothing but sabotage the tribe.

We saw this back in the ’80’s and remembered liking it. So, we decided to show the movie for friends. Upon revisit, Near Dark doesn’t really hold up. The best sequence, the bar scene, is still pretty great. However, a stupid, bloated Hollywood ending and an unsympathetic lead who does stupid things hamstring the rest of the film. Is Lance Henrickson still awesome? Yes. And does scene stealer Bill Paxton make every movie he’s in better? Sure. But, the rest of the movie can’t support these shining stars.

The Fiesta 13 1980’s Horror Movie OctoVember Challenge, by its very nature, wallows in nostalgia and the main goal of the challenge is to find movies worth seeing, first, and to showcase lesser classics, second.

We failed on the second count. We’re a culture that prefers to look back in comfort than press forward in discovery. Nostalgia, at the end of the day, generally just adds up to circle jerk. And as we reassess our cultural touchstones here at The Fiesta 13, we guess, stuff’s gotta go. Tastes change.

Anywhoozle, Near Dark. Less than the whole of its parts.

The Trailer:

Near Dark
The Fiesta 13, Blaine, Ne.

Another added note: As The Challenge grinds on, we’re having trouble finishing many of the movies we’re starting as they are often the worst thing a movie can be: boring. We’re looking at you Hard Rock Zombie. How do you make Heavy Metal, Zombies and Nazi’s boring? I want to finish it just because we’ve made some pretty awesome graphics.


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