Perdita Durango (1997)

This was a pleasant surprise, a secret gem. Usually when we watch a new movie, we’ll give it 15 minutes and if it’s no good, we can bail after fifteen minutes, no guilt. You can usually tell if a movie’s any good after 15 minutes. The first shot of Perdita Durango was a full body nude scene with Rosie Perez. We’re in! And tt just goes nuts from there. This is the kind of movie Quentin Tarantino wishes he could make. Rosie Perez and Javiar Bardem play very bad people who do very bad things. Rosie Perez’s character is also … Continue reading Perdita Durango (1997)

Pearl & Smile This Friday @4-ish Only @The Fiesta 13

Two new-ish horror movies to stave off The Relentless Christmas Machine. First up, Ti West’s prequel to X, Pearl, followed by the surprise horror hit of October, Smile. Also, new movie trailers and Yay or Nay on new music videos. This is the Grand Re-Re-opening of The Fiesta 13 Here’s what’s new: FOUR BRAND NEW RED LEATHER THEATER CHAIRS! Better than your local crappy corporate theater chairs. REMASTERED DOLBY ATMOS SOUND! We’re about 80 percent there in finishing THE PERFECT SOUND MIX! We even talked to our neighbors & they don’t care how loud it gets. SO, LET’S BLOW OUT … Continue reading Pearl & Smile This Friday @4-ish Only @The Fiesta 13

The Fiesta 13 1980’s Horror Movie OctoVember Challenge #15: Dead Kids (1981)

The Fiesta 13 1980’s Horror Movie Challenge #15: Dead Kids (1981) (Arrow) 62 1980’s Horror Movies in 62 Days. (Probably Not) What’s making our heros into murderous psychopaths? With Australia subbing for the U.S., this one falls squarely into The “All The Kids Have Turned Bad” genre of horror movies. See Black Roses. Top-notch acting from the whole cast including Oscar Winner Louise Fletcher and a slightly shaggy dog storytelling style spackles over the slow beginning. The latter half, to us, has a Shock Treatment (1981) feeling. Some of the ending is predictable, but we were already invested at that … Continue reading The Fiesta 13 1980’s Horror Movie OctoVember Challenge #15: Dead Kids (1981)