Pearl & Smile This Friday @4-ish Only @The Fiesta 13

Two new-ish horror movies to stave off The Relentless Christmas Machine. First up, Ti West’s prequel to X, Pearl, followed by the surprise horror hit of October, Smile. Also, new movie trailers and Yay or Nay on new music videos. This is the Grand Re-Re-opening of The Fiesta 13 Here’s what’s new: FOUR BRAND NEW RED LEATHER THEATER CHAIRS! Better than your local crappy corporate theater chairs. REMASTERED DOLBY ATMOS SOUND! We’re about 80 percent there in finishing THE PERFECT SOUND MIX! We even talked to our neighbors & they don’t care how loud it gets. SO, LET’S BLOW OUT … Continue reading Pearl & Smile This Friday @4-ish Only @The Fiesta 13