20230303 New Trailer Reel (March 4, 2023-March 10, 2023)

This Week’s Trailer Reel is Leaner and Meaner. New Opens and Categories To Better Sort Out What to Watch. Check It Out!

We at The Fiesta 13 Want to Provide Our Patrons with New Unique, Weird & Daily Content. The Fiesta 13 Considers This Our Most Useful Weekly Post.

The Trailer Reel is Your One-Stop Viewing of All The New Movies, Video Games & TV Show Premieres Coming Out in The Upcoming Week. Eyeball-Selected by The Fiesta 13 Staff.

Our Advice: Just Hit Play & Watch W/O Checking What’s on The List. Do This Sometime this Weekend, Preferably Friday Night. Not Interested in The Current Trailer Playing? Skip It.

We Also Use The Playlist to Encourage Discussion. Talk About The Upcoming Movies, Shows & Video Games with Friends, Plan Next Week’s Movie Night. The Fiesta 13 Encourages Communal Viewing.

Also, Watch on The Biggest Screen Possible. The Trailer Reel is in 4K.

So, Get Off Your Phone & Find Out What You’ll Be Watching or Playing on The Big Screen This Week.

The Fiesta 13 Hopes You’ll Be Back Every Thursday for This Week’s New Trailer Reel.

(Also, No Fake Art Graphic for This Post. The Fake Art Robots @midjourney Are Broken. We Can’t Access Them Until Later.)

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