Robot Dog Double Feature This Tuesday @Noon-ish Only @The Fiesta 13

Tomorrow @The Fiesta 13, Robotmania Rolls On, It’s a Robot Dog Double Feature, Both from 1979, The Golden Age of Man’s Best Mechanical Friend. Or Enemy.

Originally, We Were Looking at Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs for Robot Dogs Until We Found This Little Seen Italian Star Wars’ Knockoff, The Humanoid. Richard Kiel & Chicken Nugget-Lovin’ Barbara Bach! The Quality Isn’t The Best, But We Have A Minor Quest to See All of The Star Wars (& Jaws) Rip-offs of The Late 70’s and Early 80’s.

Then, By Suggestion, it’s C.H.O.M.P.S. With Valerie Bertinelli & A Cast of B-List Character Actors, We’re Pretty Sure We Saw This One As A Kid, Let’s See How The Cheese Holds Up.

Also, A Robot Dog-Themed Trailer Reel and The Free Big Bag of Firy Expired Beef Jerky Promotion Continues.

The Fiesta 13, Roll Over. Good Boy. Now, Let’s Fire Up The Lasers!

The Fiesta 13, Blaine, Ne.