What’s The Raunchiest 1980s Teen Sex Comedy?

The Fiesta 13 Enjoys A Wide Variety of Movies. Creative and Non-Creatives Types Spend A Lot of Work Making Movies, So Let’s Check ‘Em Out. We Spent The Weekend Cruising The “About To Leave” Section of All The Streaming Services Looking to Tick Movies Off “The Giant List of Movies We Should See Before We Die.”

We Watched The Classic Art House Film Alphaville from Jean Luc Goddard. Hadn’t Seen It, But It Is Hard to Mess Up The Durable Sci-Fi Noir Combo, Even with The Now Outdated Philosophical Underpinnings Present in The Film. Interesting.

Good, But A Bit Underwhelming.

We Also Watched Berry Gordy’s The Last Dragon. While Skimpy on The Kung-Fu, The Rest of The Movie Shined in All of The Standard Kung-Fu Plot Machinations With A Little Blacksploitation Thrown In for Good Measure.

A Surprising Win. Well-Made & Well-Paced for A Fung-Fu Flick.

We Also Screened Our New 4k Version of Dazed & Confused. Well Worth It.

So, What Does This Have To Do With Bat Pu$$y, A Terrible Porny Flick From 1973?

Nothing, But That Movie Does Occupy Too Much Rent-Free Space in Our Minds. In Searching for Something Sleazy & Similar, We’re Searching for An Elusive Movie-Going Experience.

That Rare WTF, The ‘We Have Not Seen That Before’ Moment. BP is 60 Minutes of WTF with A Short Trip to Crazy Town. Is it Good? Oh, No. Not At All. BP is The Room-Level Bad.

Do We Regret Seeing The Room or Bat Pu$$y? No, The Room Was Another, Rare, Unique Movie-Going Experience, Not To Be Missed. Even Without The Rifftrax. Same With Bat Pu$$y.

The Fiesta 13 Lives to Venture Into The Weird. The Home Address for Most Movies Should Be Squarely Located in Crazy Town.

Let’s Take A Trip.

The Fiesta 13, Blaine, Ne.