HUGWIND! Day 93 (April 3, 2023)

Today is April 3rd, 2023

Welcome to A New Daily Feature @The Fiesta 13—HUGWIND!

HUGWIND! Stands for Happy Universal Global World International National Day!

For Your Daily HUGWIND! to Have Power You Must Say The Whole HUGWIND! Out Loud to Someone Else This Day Before The Day is Over.

Then, Riches?




Happy Universal Global World International National

Independent Artist Cloud Security Party A Drop of Water Is A Grain of Gold American Circus Armenian Appreciation Don’t Go To Work Unless It’s Fun Fan Dance Fish Fingers and Custard Holy Monday Chocolate Mousse Film Score Find A Rainbow Grey Inspiring Joy Pro-Life T Shirt Tweed Paraprofessional Appreciation Pony Express Weed Out Hate Day!

Every Day, The Fiesta 13 Researches What Universal/World/International/National Day Today Is & Makes A Graphic Telling You All This Information in One Sentence. This is Called a HUGWIND!

The HUGWIND! Sentence is Fed to The Fake Art Robots@midjourney to Make The Fake Art Graphics.

The HUGWIND! Is A The Fiesta 13 Public Service Public Service.