HUGWIND! Day 107 (April 17, 2023)

Happy Universal Global World International National 2A Blah Blah Blah Ford Mustang Herbalist Bat Appreciation Day of Mastering Conversations That Matter Haiku Poetry Landing of The 33 Patriots Malbec Cheese Ball Crawfish Kickball No Limits for Deaf Children Syria Independence There’s Nothing Like A Dame Circus Hemophilia Day!

Welcome to A New Feature @The Fiesta 13—HUGWIND!

HUGWIND! Stands for Happy Universal Global World International National Day!

Every Day, The Fiesta 13 Researches What Universal/World/International/National Day Today Is & Makes A Graphic Telling You All This Information in One Sentence. 

This is Called a HUGWIND!

The HUGWIND! The Sentence is Fed to The FAPPERs@midjourney to Make The Fake Art Graphics.

The HUGWIND! Is A The Fiesta 13 Public Service Public Service.

Feel Free to Manipulate Audio and Graphics to Taste.

The Fiesta 13, Blaine, Ne.