Today @4-ish: Breastacular! The Movies of Russ Meyer!

Oh, While Patron 4 is Away, The Cats Will Play.

This Friday, It’s A Non-Specific Gender Specific A Guy’s Night Out—-Breastacular: A Celebration of Russ Meyer & Boobs.

Two Russ Meyer Movies, Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!  (Haven’t Seen) & Supervixen in Good Quality. (The Hardest Part). Plus, Two Trailer Reels: Boob-Friendly Movies of 1965 & Boob-Friendly Movies of 1975.

This is A Part One Event of Infinity. Boobs. Everybody Loves Them. They May Not Love Their Own, But Still, The Concept, Boobs, is Universally Beloved By Everyone. Ev-Er-E-1. Men. Women. Children. Especially Babies. Catholics. Gay Folks. Especially, Lesbians. But, Moreso, Gay Guys. The Elderly. Probably, The Dead. Thinking About Boobs is Nature’s Natural Endorphine. We Embrace, (Huh-Huh) Our Sterotypical Hetro CIS Tendiecies With Our Non-Specific Series A Guy’s Night Out @The Fiesta 13. Other Non-Specific Stereotypes A Night Out @The Fiesta 13 to Follow.

Boobs: Their Appreciation is for Everyone. This Time, We Appreciate in a Dumb Straight White Guy Kind of Way. Start with Society’s Default Boobs Appreciation Setting, We Say.

The Fiesta 13. Movies You Didn’t Know You Wanted to See. But in This Case, Yeah, Ya Did.

Fun Fact: In Making Fake Art Pictures (FAP), We Uploaded Pictures of Russ Meyer’s Very Volupolous FULLY-CLOTHED Actresses & The FAPPERs@midjourney Thought The Pictures Were Porn. We Guess Rockin’ Double-D’s is Lewd Now.

The Fiesta 13, Blaine, Ne.