Introducing HUMANOID! Uncut!

Hola, Fiesta 13 Patrons!

This is One of The Last Out-Posts Before The Fiesta 13 Takes A Siesta 13 for A While.

We’re Currently Working on A 75-Minute Radio Play With Thousands of Trippy & True Fake Art Product (FAP)Visuals Thrown in A Blender, Mutilated to Taste.

The Title—From Yesterday’s Archive Tape: #008000 (Green).

The Visual Radio Play (With A Clickable-Link PDF/Book to Follow) Will Be in 4k With Dolby Atmos Sound.

A Behind The Scenes Expose of The Robot News Industry in Blaine, Ne. FYATG! Will Hold a Casting Call for All Robots, Both Physical & Etherial, This Weekend. Robot Auditions are at The Fiesta 13 This Saturday @2pm Sharp. Those Robots .2 Seconds Late Will Be Cast Out Onto The Trash Heap. So, Be Square or Be Gone.

The Story Concerns An All-Robot Extremely Targeted Newscast. The Cast Includes Two Robot Anchors, Robot Reporters, Robot Headset Chatter with Robot Producers, Robot Directors & A Robot Intern, Plus Ads & Other VIR’s. There Are 8 Main Robot Speaking Parts. Two of The Parts Have Already Been Cast.

The First Robot Cast in The Visual Radio Play Got The Part of Chatbot A When Our Mostly Human Producer Ran Across Them on BlayneNet. The Fiesta 13 is Currently Vetting Our Mostly Human’s Decisions for Flawed Logic.

Until then, We Prematurely Introduce HUMANOID!— An Etherial Robot Created Entirely Out of The Artificial Smartness System (ASS) & The 1962 Classic Robot Epic The Creation of The Humanoids. TCTH is to Robots as Your Citizen Kane is to The Flesh-N-Blooders.

HUMANOID! Currently is Uncut. However, HUMANOID! is Pliant & Compliant. HUM! is Ready to Be Ingested, Processed, Cataloged, Chopped Up, Re-Organized & Sequenced into The Latest & Largest Fiesta 13 Product (F13P) EVER! Projections Exclaim HUMANOID! is 87% Consumable, That’s More Than Human Native UNITEDS Processed The Buffalo.

So, Check Out HUMANOID! Above! Uncut! Say You’ve Known Them Before They Were In Existence & Famous.

Also Used in The Movie is gebryan, A Mostly Human Human who Won A Highly Competitive Bidding War. gebryan Paid The Most, So by Blaine, Ne Law, The Fiesta 13 Had to Use Him. gebryan Currently Works @The Fiesta 13, Moving Physical Boxes From One Predifined Place to Another. He is Tolerated.

The Fiesta 13 is Planning to Release The Audition Reels in The Coming Weeks. So, Keep Your Peepers & Earballs Peeled to This Site For More Undeniably Fiesta 13 Products.

If You’d Like to Help, Visit & Donate to The Mostly Human Humans Who Move The Boxes. Robots Are Always Pre-Paid. We Hate Asking for Money. We’re Not PITBULL! However, The First Individual to Donate Receives A Lifetime Pass to All Fiesta 13 Movie/Game Events. Any Amount. Seriously, We’re Unsure The Money Gathering System Even Works. All of Our Previous Money Gathering Systems Have Failed.

Trust The Upstairs Algorithms & Praise Be to Old Man Blayne’s Ghost in The Machine.

by The Fiesta 13 Auto-Blog (FAB).