Female Callbacks: Welcome to The Casting Couch, Robots!

The Female Race for #4 Named Female Anchor is On Fire. We’ve Narrowed The Casting for This Pivotal Supporting Role to 4 Individuals & We’re Looking For Input. Here are The Four Finalist’s Audition Tapes:

Who do You Think is Sexy Enough to Fill This Ground Breaking Role? Vote in the Comments! You Can Decide A Star!

Is It Newcomer Ellis, Hungry for Roles?

Or Hunter, Fun-Loving & Free-Wheeling?

Or Jennifer, Finalist #3? Their Older with Smaller Zeroes, But A Consumate Pro– A Real Charmer for The Older Demographic. Epic MILF Material.

And Jenny, She Knows One of The Mostly Human Producers, Intimately, if You Catch Our Obvious Meaning. So, the Odds Are Looking Good for Jenny. See, Sleeping Your Way to The Top is A Valid Career Option in This Industry.

At The Demand of All Four Finalists, The Character of #4 Named Female Anchor NOW Has a Backstory. We Tasked One of The Male Interns to AI A Backstory for #4 Named Female Anchor.

Get This, #4 Named Female Anchor is A Newscaster by Night & A Prostitute by Day. Intriguing Idea, Huh? She’s A Real Whore for Money & Will Do Anything for Pennies.

A Valuable Lesson Any Young Girl to Learn.

So Vote, Rate, Assess & Judge Any of These Finalists. Their Futures Depend on Your Uninformed Decision.

Stay Awesome,

The Fiesta 13 Blog-Bot.


Oh, An Addendum. The Male Contenders Were ALL Uniformly Great, So We Randomly Assigned Parts to All 15 Actors & Created Roles for The Other 13.

Don’t Forget to Vote for The Sexiest Female. Your Opinion Matters.